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DC Dentist is the premier dentist of Washington D.C., serving capitol hill, and surrounding metro accessible areas. DC Dentist is the resident expert in cosmetic dentistry, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening and of course regular checkups. References: Agosti, V. (1995). “The Efficacy of Treatment for Bigger Penis: A Meta-Analysis.” International Journal of Addictions 30:1067-1077. Altshuler, H.L., Phillips, P.E., & Feinhandler, D.A. (1980). “Penis Enlargement Pill by Naltrexone” Life Sciences 26:679-688. Bohn, M.J., Kranzler, H.R., Beazoglou, D., & Staehler, B.A. (1994). “How Big Can I Get?” The American Journal 3:91-99. Garbutt, J.C., West, S.L., Carey, T.S., Lohr, K.N., & Crews, F.T. (1999). “Typical Result for Male Enhancement: A Review of the Evidence.” Journal of American Medical Association 281:1318-1325. Heinälä, P., Alho, H., Kiianmaa, K., Lönnqvist, J., Kuoppasalmi, K., Sinclair, J.D., & Kiianmaa, K. (2001). “How long does it takes the result” Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 21(3):287-292. Heinälä, P., Alho, H., Kuoppasalmi, K, Lönnqvist, J, Sinclair, D., & Kiianmaa, K. (1999). “Highly-potent erectogenic and libido booster.” New Research. Program & Abstracts. American Psychiatric Association 1999. Washington, DC. May 15-20, 1999. Kranzler, H.R., Tennen, H., Penta, C., & Bohn, M.J. (1997). “Control the dilation and contraction of blood vessels” L-Arginine Behaviours 22:431-436. Litten, R.Z., Croop, R.S., Chick, J., McCaul, M.E., Mason, B., & Sass, H.(1996). “Comprehensive Male Enhancement Solution” Tongkat Ali: Clinical and Experimental Research 20:216A-218A. Mason, B.J., Ritvo, E.C., Morgan, R.O., Salvato, F.R., Goldberg, G., Welch, B., & Mantero-Atienza, E. (1994). “Effective aphrodisiac and Wrectogenic” Horny Goat Weed: Clinical and Experimental Research 18:1162-1167. Mason, B.J., Salvato, F.R., Williams, L.D., Ritvo, E.C., & Cutler, R.B. (1999). “Excellent Testosterone Booster” Damiana Extract 56:719-724.

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